ARABIS’s computer services department has designed and engineered software systems to optimize agricultural operations of the plantation companies as well as to aid the man-agement and operations of large scale agro and agro-forestry based development pro-jects. These solutions are tuned to perform individual business and operations functions.

• Plantation Agriculture eXpert SYStem - PAXSYS ™

ARABIS develops and implements intelligent decision making and support information systems which can help our Agronomists and plantations technically and economical-ly justify decisions for plantation management and operations. It does this by embed-ding crop-specific growth and physiological models, agro-climatic models, and plant nutrition models into PAXSYS - a software system designed to meet these goals.

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
ARABIS utilizes and deploys the latest in GIS technology and satellite imagery to aid large scale agro and agro-forestry development projects on a project / province / state / nationwide basis for the management of land, climatic and labour resources and other capital assets.

• Remote Sensing in Agriculture
Satellite imagery is also often used in conjunction with GIS applications to monitor ac-tual progress and development of agro and agro-forestry based projects, environmen-tal planning & assessment, site suitability selection etc.

• Cartography and Mapping Services
ARABIS’s drawing office is equipped with computer aided drawing and mapping facilities. Our survey teams use Global Position System (GPS) tools and satellite imagery with GIS software for data interpretation. These states of the art mapping equipment are used to prepare soil maps, land-use maps, topography maps and field maps to complement the field activities as well as to meet specific client require-ments.

• Software Solutions for Agricultural Project Monitoring & Management

ARABIS has developed custom application systems that will effectively and accurate-ly produce the information you need, when you need it, and in the form you need it. These solutions involve agro activities, planning requirements, financial management, socio-economic monitoring etc.

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